I always wanted to travel. When I was at school, my favourite books were those by Eric Newby and Paul Theroux, and I used to spend lessons planning my route around the world. But I never went. I met Kit during my gap year, and of course I wanted to be with him. And then we got a mortgage and a family and jobs, and foreign travel wasn’t really an option. We visited Ireland in 1996, when I was expecting our first child, but other than that all our holidays have been in Great Britain. So I’m excited to finally have the chance to travel through Europe by train, and see some of the places I’ve been reading about for so long.

And I always wanted to write. Also while at school, every week I used to go to the public library, and read through the comment columns in magazines like the Listener, the Spectator, and Punch. My job now requires me to write, and since 1999 I have written regular email updates about life at home. I’m happy with my limited audience, so it was really just for the convenience of my data allowance while travelling that I set up this blog.

My travels begin on Wednesday 26 September and I plan to update daily (although this might not always be possible). Between setting up the blog, and setting off on my adventure, I’m posting about planning and packing and life at home, not because these things are particularly exciting, but to get the hang of the website. I hope you’ll stay with me.

If you have just arrived here, and want to read the posts in order, go here https://mumseuropeanadventure.wordpress.com/2012/09/16/hello-world/

And then you should be able to arrow through them one after the other. I didn’t really have time to reply to comments while I was travelling but I can put that right now!

I’m back home now, but there are a few more posts I want to write about my travels, when I’ve had time to think about what I saw and described. And I really ought to have a go at uploading some pictures, although mine weren’t terribly good, because I took them as visual prompts for writing rather than as a record in their own right. So the journey isn’t quite over yet.

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  1. Linda Cumming says:

    Have a grand time. Just back from Barcelona if you need any trips.

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