Next Thursday

It occurred to me a few days ago that although I have meticulously planned how we are getting to Chalet School land, it probably isn’t a wise idea to just turn up and wander around speculating on which buildings featured in the books. The Friends of the Chalet School issued a helpful booklet for those visiting Achensee a few years ago but when I went to my magazines shelf I couldn’t find it. Gloomily I supposed I had thrown it away, thinking I would never need it, but I resolved to return to the shelf later, wearing my glasses and possibly even with the landing light switched on.

This tactic paid dividends this evening and as a result I spent my hour or two of free time tonight researching how Hayley and I might spend our day at Achensee. There are cable cars up the mountains! This news came as a relief. I would rather like to go up a mountain, but I didn’t think we would have the time or energy to walk up one. And now we won’t have to. Thanks to the FOCS booklets (there were two, the original and a 2004 update) I also now know the route the steamer takes around the lake, that there is a folk museum we can go to if it rains (which it won’t, so perhaps we’ll go anyway: it looks interesting), and, crucially what everything costs.

Well, not absolutely everything. I couldn’t find out the price of a bus ticket from Jenbach to Pertisau. I feel very let down about this. It means I might have to do arithmetic in German.

But I found out what everything else costs, and astonishingly, if the weather is good enough for a cable car ride, the cheapest way of doing our day out is to get a 7-day pass and max it out in 7 hours. I think there are going to be two very tired ladies collapsing in their hotel in Innsbruck this time next week.



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Wife, mother of three, civil servant, writer, school governor, charity trustee, girlguiding mentor, allotment gardener, revolutionary monarchist. Usually tired. Lives in Northamptonshire, and in 2012 travelled outside the UK for the first time since 1986.
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